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Edited by: Marek-Lars Kruusen
The website www.tehnoloogiasait.info and Time Travel Institute of Technology from Estonia presents the science of physics and mathematics, which describes the past and future of human travel in time.
On June, 2022, a new edition of “Time travel” was released. This publication is special in that the mathematical physics describing time travel and through it the physics of the Universe no longer contains any scientific / mathematical contradictions. All paradoxes and internal contradictions have been eliminated. This publication also contains, for the first time, an engineering-technical solution for the creation of time-space tunnels or wormholes. It is also the second edition with more than a thousand pages.
The engineering and technical design of space-time tunnels and the theoretical physics in this field would need to be translated into other languages, as in this case it would be possible to present this material at the research institutes of the world's top universities. The only English-language material that could reach the European Center for Nuclear Research (CERN) is: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1TKuVJrThIo_RXwbDhrxJa0ZE0aHXI14v/view.
This work sets out a science of physics that would enable a person to move in real time into the past and into the future. Developing this specific technology will create new opportunities to explore human history and also to move in space. The overall method of study of all subsequent work is purely theoretical physics. For example, the hypothesis that is largely erected in this work is derived in theory. But at the same time, all these hypotheses are entirely in line with the generally accepted physics theories that exist.
The following study reveals the surprising fact that human time travel (such as the past) is very real in nature and is also technically feasible. This is also the most surprising conclusion of all the work given. Time travel is only truly possible if the two main theories of modern physics are to be developed: relativity theory and quantum mechanics. At the same time, it has been possible to develop even further than the physics of time travel. If human time travel is indeed possible, then our current physical world image of the Universe will inevitably change. For example, time travel shows the timeliness of the Universe, in which time does not exist in our known universe.
Until now, all the theories of time travel were based exclusively on Albert Einstein's general theory of relativity. This theory predicts the presence of wormholes, or time-space tunnels. For example, two points in a room (or even in time) connect a “time-space tunnel”, through which it is possible to cross vast distances in a room for a very small amount of time. According to them, it is possible to move in space (for example, in space) and also in time. This physical understanding of time travel still exists today. In this work, such a common understanding is not refuted, but such a theory is considered “from a new angle” here. This means that there will be a development of the old theory, which will ultimately result in the body passing through the space-time tunnel at two points in the room (or in time) in just one moment. This possibility is known only as “teleportation”, the existence of which is only possible outside of time space. It can be seen later that such a circumstance causes, for example, the probability behaviour of particles, or the emergence of uncertainties in quantum mechanics.
In the theory of time travel described in this work, one of the basic physical principles is the argument known from the special theory of latency that time and space form a single whole, called time space. This is one of the basics of special theory. But the conclusion of this is that if the past is moved in time, there must also be some sort of unknown spatial dimension. This space “exists” outside of our usual daily perceived space. Physically, this means that, for example, equations in general relativity theory will cease to exist when examining this space, because there is no longer time or space in such a space, which is physically expressed in time dilation and length contraction. Therefore, body movements “there” no longer take time and the teleportations of the bodies occur. According to this, it is possible to teleport the past, the future, and also the “present.”
Keywords: physics, mathematics, time travel, time space, technology.

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